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April 11, 2009


Boson Higgs

Obama is controlling the situation by his sheer brain-power alone! As the most intelligent President ever, his I.Q. is so high that he can can change(tm) ant situation anywhere in the world merely by putting his mind ot it.
Don't you remember how the entire was amazed when Occidental College released his S.A.T. scores??!!!
His scores and grades were so amazing, that Columbia University recruited him to finish his undergraduate degree there and never even bothered to record his grades or even the courses he took.
When Harvard Law School got wind of this 'Immaculate Matriculation', they begged Him to grace their halls and never bothered to record his grades, courses, of even his L.S.A.T. scores.
His fellow Law Review members elected him their president without ever requiring him to write a single Law Review article, for, like Homer,(and Jesus), his mere thoughts were sufficient to change(tm) all of History! Not one of that Trinity deigned to scribe his own words.
Even unot today, Obama has only to think a thought, and it is instantly transferred to the Tele-Promptor ! Someday those very thoughts will be e-mailed to 'Little Red i-pods', so that every A.C.O.R.N. cadre will be able to quote the O-Man in any setting.

The Opinionator

Sounds about right. He will use the same Jedi Mind TRick that he used on the media regarding the bow on the pirates.

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